Monday, November 4, 2019

Pastor Training Needed

Dear friends and supporters of The Hope Foundation of Kenya (HFK),

"Thank you for the training today. I now understand how much more I need to know about the Bible to teach it well."  This statement was made to me after our last rural pastor training session. 

Many Kenyan pastors were saved when an evangelist came through their small village then they felt called by God to tell others.  They got a Bible and started to read it and preach it and people started coming to hear it.  But they have no real Bible doctrine education.  This is why Pastor Allan and I started the rural pastor training seminars for these men.  HFK pays for the rural pastors to come to our high school campus three times a year to receive training.  We teach on many different topics for Biblical ethics, Church Finance, and Doctrine.  It is one of the highlights of my year to see these men learning about God and then having the privilege to visit them in their villages to see their small but growing congregations. 

Allan and I were able to visit a new church building that was provided by an American donor. It was wonderful to talk to the pastor and his deacons and see the excitement that this permanent building has brought to this tiny speck in the middle of nowhere.  The pastor told me, "I believe that God really does know that we are here and wants people to know about Jesus."  The church in Kenya is alive and well and I will add growing. We have around 60 pastors who have joined our HFK Fellowship. Great news - the Bible study specially designed to reach those from an Islamic background has seen three receive Christ in the last few months.

You can help a pastor get a full Bible Institute education by becoming a sponsor today. You can donate $400 and it will provide a 3 year scholarship to one of our pastors to join Crossroads Baptist Bible Institute in Vipingo or another great school in his area. 

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