Friday, June 22, 2018


"Hope is not a dream but a way of making dreams become reality."
L.J. Suenens

Two paths do not necessary lead to the same place.

In this world, parents often choose the path for the child. Many think that any path will do or maybe the traditional path is best or maybe it is time for a change.  Let me explain by telling you a story: There were once two little girls who were born in an African village only one day apart. The first family named their daughter, Faiza and the second family named their daughter Linet. Each family chose their daughter's path at five years old.  Faiza was engaged to be married at five. Linet's family applied for a school scholarship and she went into kindergarten. The aim of both parents were for their daughters to have a good life.
Faiza was taught how to sweep the house, how to collect water from the river, and how to cook for the family. Linet learned how to read a book, write a letter and do sums and subtractions. Faiza was well trained to become a mother and wife. Linet was taught to dream, to consider, to do. Faiza was taught that life was hard and you had to hold onto everything you had. Linet dreamed of becoming a doctor while Faiza was already working on the farm.

At 13 years old, there were a community ceremony for Faiza, Linet and other girls. The girls were told that this ceremony would make them a woman. Faiza was now set to get married. She was told not to cry. Linet was now ready for middle school and looking forward to exams.
Four years passed, Faiza was working at the farm while pregnant with her fourth child. Her family lived in a mud house built by her husband and were excited that they could get free water from a local Christian school.  Linet was now in high school learning all about biology, chemistry and physics. She was living in the school dorm and being challenged to do well and follow her dream not only to be a doctor but to be the first one in her family to graduate high school.

This story is based on my experience of seeing many girls living in the village.  What is the main difference in the lives of Faiza and Linet? One was told that life was hard and this is the best that you can expect to get. The other was taught to think, dream, hope, and most importantly to do.

At The Hope Foundation, our goal is to demolish physical, emotional and spiritual strongholds. We know first-hand that a life can be transformed in a wonderful way by meeting the basic needs. But meeting physical needs is not enough to truly transform an eternal soul that is why the Gospel message of God's love is an intergral part of everything we do. Pray that we see fruit for our labor.

You can help. Pray and make a monthly donation to The Hope Foundation. Give a tax deductible gift on our main screen by clicking on DONATE. Make a difference in the life of a child, it's the best investment you can make.

Too Much to Tell It All...


Newsletters keep people engaged with our ministry in Kenya but sometimes there is way too much to share.  God has been working in such great ways. Below are a few of the highlights from the last three months:

** Gifts, Gifts and more Gifts...
In January, Lisa and I took sponsors' gifts for the children at Good News Academy in Majaoni, Kenya.  It is always great to see the faces as we hand out the presents. Some smile,
while other children become really shy. We hope that everyone received the picture of their sponsored child with their gifts. I wish you could all be there with us.
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** Giving Out the Gospel

It was exciting to see the new high school students move into our dorms.  It was even more exciting when Pastor David was able to lead 15 of our freshman to Christ.  Praising God for their decision to follow Christ.

** School Pictures
Lisa was able to take new school pictures of all the students.  All the new photos are in the database. It is amazing for us to see how our Kenyan children are growing in Spirit and in body. Login and see these amazing photos.

** Kenyan Church News

Our pastors' fellowship has grown to 52 pastors. We are so happy to train them for the ministry.  Also we build a new church in the village of Colorado, Kenya. Salvations in the first quarter were 36. Baptism scheduled for July.

2017 Year in Review

** 2017 Year In Review

Dear Prayer Partners,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  It’s hard to believe that 2017 is coming to a close already.  It has been a great year and we are praising God for His blessings.

Overall results were as follows:
1. 122 people saved and 83 people baptized through the ministries of our five churches.
2. 70 new students added to our two Christian schools.
3. 62 families joined as monthly sponsors for children in Kenya resulting in 68 new students being sponsored.
4. A Pastors’ Conference was held with 50+ pastors attending.  The conference had an emphasis in teaching Church Leadership: The Role of the Pastor.
5. Two Youth Encounter Camps were held. An additional youth sports day was held at the high school with participants from five local schools. Praise God 7 youth gave their lives to Christ.
6. The last classroom block at Valerye McMillan High School is being completed through donation from a private donor, Dayton, OH.
7. Third floor of Park Chapel House (Female dormitory) at Valerye McMillan High School was completed through donations from Park Chapel.
8. Second floor of the male dormitory at Valerye McMillan High School is in progress through donations from Indiana based church.
9. Graduation of 30 students from the middle school at Good News Academy with many eligible for high school admission in January, 2018. Elementary Graduation ceremony in January 2018.
10. Graduation of 35 students from Valerye McMillan High School. Graduation ceremony was in November 2017.
11. Donations were given for two permanent church buildings.  We are in the process of considering congregations in need of help.
12. Two adult literacy programs are going strong and teaching people how to read and write in Swahili and in English.
13. Pastor Training Scholarship given through Hope Foundation to a student at Crossroads Bible Institute (Vipingo).

My best memory from 2017 is two-fold:
1. To see my boys serving with Lisa and I in Kenya during the summer; and
2. Baptizing over 30 people after one service.

Three main goals for 2018 are:
* To see a minimum of 100 people come to know Christ in 2018.
* Expand Spiritual Mentorship strategies by using area pastors to come and speak to the teachers and staff of Hope Foundation schools and projects.
* Plan and hold two pastors’ training conferences for rural pastors.

Goals Lisa would like to see accomplished:
* Expand her ministry through Days for Girls (health instruction program).
* To add 70 new students to our programs by finding new sponsors.
* Developing a mentorship program designed for girls in high school.

Thank you for your prayers and support. Without you and God working with us, we could accomplish nothing. God is so good.

Have a wonderful Christmas Season!
Bobby, Lisa, Ethan, Conner and Dylan Bechtel