Thursday, January 30, 2020

Year in Review 2019

Can you believe that we have been doing missions work for 19 years?  2020 is our 20th year of serving Kenyans and it is a milestone in our lives. I wanted to share with you all that God did in 2019.
Here are the results:
1. 157 people gave their lives to Christ and 36 were baptized.
2. 70 new students were added to our Christian school ministry.
3. 42 families joined as monthly sponsors for our feeding/education program.
4. Two Pastor's training conferences were held emphasizing Ethics.
5. Two Youth Encounter Camps held with sixteen teenagers saved.
6. One new church was constructed in a village called Colorado.
7. One man was ordained into the ministry.
8. Begun construction of a new kitchen at Good News Academy, Majaoni.
9. Provided Biblical Learning Materials to Pastors such as Bibles.
10. Two adult literacy programs are proceeding with teaching reading.
11. 3 Training scholarship to Crossroads Baptist Bible Institute was awarded.
12.  Construction of a kitchen/dining hall at high school is planned for 2020.
13. An Christian community center is now open outside Kisumu, Kenya.
14. Phillip, one of our staff members, surrendered to full-time preaching ministry and we hope to enroll him in Bible College in 2020.
15.  We had two tremendous teams who came from the states to minister.
My favorite 2019 memories:
- Seeing 13 people come to know Christ when an American team shared their testimonies during a medical clinic in Majaoni.

- Hearing a sponsor in Indiana tell me that she needed to come to Kenya because her sponsored child was getting baptized then being in Kenya with her in June to witness the baptism.

Thank you for your prayers. In many ways, this has been the hardest year of our 19 years in ministry.  We lost some financial support which is always a strain on our family and to a ministry that seems to grow every year.  We need around $500 monthly to make up that loss. Then we lost over 40 child sponsorships only to have God give each child a new sponsor one by one.  Please continue to pray for Lisa as she is still battling with her chronic pain. Doctors have recently been helping with a vitamin supplement. We know that without you, our partners, praying we could not go on trying to accomplish wonderful things for God.

Just a final reminder - God is ALWAYS faithful!

Have a wonderful 2020.
Bobby, Lisa, Ethan, Conner, and Dylan Bechtel

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