Monday, November 4, 2019

A Big START in 2019

January 2019

Our quest to save souls and break the cycle of poverty continues! 2019 started with many graduations and celebrations (see pictures below).  It is always amazing when the grateful parents of our sponsored children come together to see their children graduate from eighth grade and even better high school.                                               
For many of these families this marks the first time that a family member has finished school.  It is a tremendous occasion filled with shouts, music, speeches, dancing, cake and smiles.  We wish that all of you could experience a Kenyan graduation one day!
We must remember that Kenyan children face overwhelming obstacles to stay in school:
  • lack of financial resources
  • pressure to marry early
  • alcoholism or abuse in many communities
  • gang culture
  • lack of confidence to believe in themselves
  • belief that education is not worth investing in

As a result, MANY rural students never graduate from high school.

Our sponsors say wonderful things...

"I have seen the lives that have been changed through these centers. I have become friends with, hugged, sang in worship, prayed, cried, and rejoiced with students and staff that have shown an undeniable gratitude that their lives will also NEVER be the same." Kristen

"As for the schools and churches, they are resounding proof of what God can do when we let Him." John 
"Thanks for letting us be a part of these children's lives from such a distance. What a privilege!" Bernadette

 But you know what makes us the happiness? It is when one of these little ones gives their lives to Christ.  PLEASE pray as Bobby spends time in March with the aim of seeing people to understand their need for Christ and salvation.  Specifically pray from March 12 to 21 when he will be preaching, teaching and leading in evangelism.  We hope to give you the results in our next letter.
We are so happy to report that all of our churches are doing great and Bobby is hoping to attend several baptismal services while in Kenya.  Pastor Abraham and Pastor Allan have been reporting great responses in their communities to the Gospel message. Please keep Pastor Simon in your prayers as his church is located in an area that is being targeted by terrorist type activity. Pray for the safety of his whole congregation.

We wanted to thank a donor who gave $5000 to build a new church building. We will be announcing where that church is going in our next newsletter. Bobby will be meeting with the pastor and making plans while in Kenya. Praise the Lord for His faithfulness.

As always, we thank you for your help. Please pass along to your friends that we need sponsors for several children. They just need to go to and pick a child. Remember when they sponsor they are not only giving an education to a child they are giving us a chance to give the Gospel to the whole family.

God bless,

Bobby and Lisa Bechtel
The Hope Foundation of Kenya

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