Friday, December 18, 2015


During the April holidays some of our high school students attended a Camp at Friends School Kamusinga - Bungoma which is in the Western part of Kenya. The camp was from 14th April to 21st April. Over 60 schools from Kenya were in attendance and our students underwent training in peer counselling and biblical studies. The teachers of the word educated our students very well and they were awarded certificates. Such camps expose our students to many new things and help them in interacting with students from other schools where they can share and learn from one another. It was very important because the students learned many new things and they all came back a changed. To God be the glory!

Testimony by: Grace Kaingu
Form Four Student (Senior Class)
Valerye Macmillan High School

The Theme was “Resolving not to defile ourselves” derived from Daniel Chapter 1:8

We learned the following:

  1. That our bodies are the temple of God so we should be holy just as Daniel was.
  2. We should be a firm believer in one true God and should be ready to prove that he is indeed the only God to those who do not know him.
  3. Just as Shadrack, Meshack and Abednego we should not agree to bend and worship any other gods.
  4. I learned how to conduct myself before others and I learned how to pray and stay in the temple of God.
  5. Being sexually pure is not something impossible and by doing so, one is not outdated.
  6. It was fun because I was taught to read, understand and meditate on the words of the Bible.
  7. I should not listen or sing secular music because it will ruin my behavior.

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