Friday, December 18, 2015


Today, I was struck about the importance of connection. Sometimes as Americans we rush through life and forget about making real and personal connections with people. Here in Kenya, connection is so important. Yes if someone is in need you can send them money, or call them on the phone, but what really makes a great impact is to go and see them. To arrive at their home even for a short visit is treated as a great honor bestowed upon their family.

We have groups that come to visit Kenya each year. Every American visitor and sponsor leaves touch by one thing or another. I am sure they go back and tell stories about their trip, but eventually most will get back into their routine of life and Kenya becomes a wonderful memory. But our Kenyan children remember these visits fondly and look forward to seeing the faces of their sponsors.

Mwanajuma came up to Lisa as she does every time we return from the states and asked, "How is Christy? Is she coming this year to see me?" Of course, Lisa wasn't sure but she said, "Christy had a baby. Do you want to see a picture?" She did and they spent time looking at photos and enjoying stories about the wonderful connection Christy had made with Mwanajuma. Yesterday, I received a Facebook message from Christy for this little girl. It will please her so much when I give it to her.

These little ones in our schools will not forget you. They pray for their sponsors. They try to connect with someone visiting from the U.S. In a real and personal way. They don't want to be forgotten.

if you connected with one of our children or even a  teacher or staff, you can send them an email by way of We will make sure they know you have not forgotten them and then the Love of God can blossom ever so sweetly!

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