Friday, December 18, 2015


When I was growing up almost every missions conference, we would sing the song, "Be a Missionary Every Day." Now I will have to admit that this song has some problems especially since it openly says that the task is "up to you" and not God but it does accomplish one thing is that it urges us as believers to share our faith and to think about the foreign masses.

Missions in traditional churches has always centered on sending a couple/family beyond the borders of the U.S. to some foreign, maybe even exotic, country to share their Christian faith with the unbelieving.  But the Bible is also full of things like taking care of orphans and widows by feeding stomachs and healing illnesses. This is why the Hope Foundation takes a holistic view of missions. We want to plant churches that help the communities where they are planted.

I think those who are not called as full time missionaries need to realize that they are not exempt from God's commission to tell the world about Jesus. I remember reading a story about WW2 that said that the "front lines depend on the supply lines." Without supplies from home, the war is lost. 

All missionaries need you to pray for them.  Prayer is where we get our personal strength and even the power of the Holy Spirit on our ministries.  Missionaries are not sin-proof and need to know that someone is praying and holding us accountable to holiness and the ministry.

David Hosaflook wrote it like this: "It's [Missions is] not complicated: if you're not sent, you send. You send by paying and praying for the mission."

As a mission organization, we need your help and that does mean "money" in many instances but as Paul said in Philippians 4 we want spiritual fruit to abound for your account. This is not just my ministry ... it is our ministry. We need to think and understand what real mission partnership is all about...eternal investment.

Let's work together...let's invest together...let's see people come to know Christ together!!

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