Friday, December 18, 2015


PictureWhen was the last time you wrote a letter?  For most of us we really don't write letters anymore. We use email or text if we even write at all.  At one time writing letters was an art form and most every woman in the world loves to get a love letter.  

The Hope Foundation encourages our sponsored children to write letters to their sponsors. Lisa and I usually get the chance to review them and I have to say it is fun to see what they write and sometimes how they spell English words or try to explain something that is truly Kenyan. After approving them, we pass them on to their sponsors and wait for a reply.

This week I received a letter from Asha.  It was a sweet letter full of thankfulness and her heart. She simply addressed it to "Dear Sponser" and drew flowers and a heart at the bottom.  I went into our database and soon realized that this was a letter to no one. I think in the postal service they would call it a "dead" letter.

Asha doesn't have a sponsor. She is one of about twenty children in our ministry that are supported through random non-designated gifts. She has never received an encouraging letter or gift from her sponsor. But somehow she still writes and says "Thank you." Thanks for basic things like shoes, books and pencils.  The sad part for me is that she also asks that someone pray for her. Pray that she passes her exams.  But this is a letter to no one. 

Of course, Lisa and I pray for her and we love on her when we see her beautiful face but what she really needs is a personal sponsor who will do this especially for her.

Will you pray for Asha and the twenty others who need individual sponsors?  Will you consider helping her or one of the others with your prayers, encouraging email letters and financial support? Maybe you already sponsor a child with us, would you be willing to see if a friend, family member, or co-worker would join you in sponsoring a needy child? A gift of $30 monthly changes their world but the gift of your friendship changes their heart.

For more information on how you can sponsor Asha or one of the other twenty plus children, write to Lisa at for details. Please remember that there is one Asha available but we have an Amin, Brian, Ian, Maureen, Tumaini and others who are also waiting! 

My prayer is this will be last time I received a letter to no one.

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