Friday, December 18, 2015


Nothing reveals our dedication to Christ and His cause as much as our attitude toward money. I just hate money and the issues that come from the lack of it.  It seems that every Christian organization is always in need of money whether they are a U.S. church or a missionary endeavor like our foundation.  It seems strange to me that Jesus taught more about money than almost any other topic.  I guess He knew that we all have a clear and potent attachment to our money which if not overcome will cause us to miss out on the blessing of being generous.

Each day we need to ask God a question and truly seek an answer. The question is "Lord, how much of your money can I keep for myself today and how much should I use for your kingdom?" I believe that most of us are afraid of God's answer because we are holding onto "our" hard-earned money with a clenched fist. We have forgotten that the way we spend and give away our money is a spiritual thing. In Proverbs 11:25 it says: "A generous man will prosper; he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed."

As Lisa and I work to help the poor and needy in Kenya, Africa we are sometimes amazed at their generosity when visitors from the states come. They kill their chickens, buy sodas and give gifts. Each one of these is at great sacrifice to the family, but I can't stop them from being generous to guests. It is the way they live and it makes them Kenyans. Through their examples, we have learned to be generous and faithfully support our church, missions, the needy and God's ministry in Kenya.

Everyone can learn from them and I believe that we can all help them in some way.  You see, every bit of money that we needlessly spend on ourselves prevents us from helping to meet the need of someone else.  God owns the cattle on a thousand hills which means He also owns all we have acquired.  When we put all we have into God's hands we prove that we trust Him more than "our" money.

Will you allow God to use you by opening up the clenched fist and give generously to help The Hope Foundation reach folks with God's love? We want to be your feet to help the poor and reach the lost.  Being generous is not easy for everyone but it does the heart good.  We need sponsors to donate $30 monthly to help a child attend school, get medical care and food. We need sponsors to help send a pastor to Bible school. We need sponsors to build church buildings. God wants be generous.

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