Friday, December 18, 2015


John Wesley is credited as saying "Oh Lord, let me not live to be useless."  At Hope Foundation we are striving to teach our teachers and staff to live life on purpose.  Several of them over the years have come up to me and asked "Pastor, what do you think God put me here to do?" If we were all truthful we would confess that we have all asked that question at one time or another.  I have been teaching, preaching and doing the missionary thing since 1998 and some days I still ask God that question.

As humans we spend a lot of time pondering our future. We want to look at every aspect especially in times when we are unsure about the next step to take.  I think that we cannot fully understand that even in our uncertain times, God has THE PLAN and he understands what he is allowing to come into our lives.  The amazing thing is that God places us in THE PLAN to do his will and good pleasure (Phil. 2:13).

I honestly believe that if we, God's people, earnestly seek God then he will make his will (plan) known to us.  The scary part is that sometimes maybe most of the time THE PLAN is not our plan. For many of us we try to get God to make his will out of our "To Do" list. We pray and ask God to make the world according to our wishes, wants and desires which usually results in huge disappointments, hurts, even bitterness against God.  We have to wait on God with his time schedule and do things his way to be used by him.

If someone asks me what God has them here for, I usually answer, "When was the last time you went to God sincerely seeking your place in THE PLAN?" What does that look like? First, you must start by obeying the things that you know God has commanded all people to do. Second, you need to seek knowledge from His Word. Third, you must watch for God's voice which may come through prayer, circumstances, the church, or an individual. Fourth, you must open yourself up to God's leading and obey him in every moment of life.

"Let us live with urgency. Let us exploit the opportunity of life. Let us not drift. Let us live intentionally. We must not trifle our lives away." Raymond Ortlund

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