Friday, June 22, 2018

Too Much to Tell It All...


Newsletters keep people engaged with our ministry in Kenya but sometimes there is way too much to share.  God has been working in such great ways. Below are a few of the highlights from the last three months:

** Gifts, Gifts and more Gifts...
In January, Lisa and I took sponsors' gifts for the children at Good News Academy in Majaoni, Kenya.  It is always great to see the faces as we hand out the presents. Some smile,
while other children become really shy. We hope that everyone received the picture of their sponsored child with their gifts. I wish you could all be there with us.
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** Giving Out the Gospel

It was exciting to see the new high school students move into our dorms.  It was even more exciting when Pastor David was able to lead 15 of our freshman to Christ.  Praising God for their decision to follow Christ.

** School Pictures
Lisa was able to take new school pictures of all the students.  All the new photos are in the database. It is amazing for us to see how our Kenyan children are growing in Spirit and in body. Login and see these amazing photos.

** Kenyan Church News

Our pastors' fellowship has grown to 52 pastors. We are so happy to train them for the ministry.  Also we build a new church in the village of Colorado, Kenya. Salvations in the first quarter were 36. Baptism scheduled for July.

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