Friday, June 22, 2018

2017 Year in Review

** 2017 Year In Review

Dear Prayer Partners,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  It’s hard to believe that 2017 is coming to a close already.  It has been a great year and we are praising God for His blessings.

Overall results were as follows:
1. 122 people saved and 83 people baptized through the ministries of our five churches.
2. 70 new students added to our two Christian schools.
3. 62 families joined as monthly sponsors for children in Kenya resulting in 68 new students being sponsored.
4. A Pastors’ Conference was held with 50+ pastors attending.  The conference had an emphasis in teaching Church Leadership: The Role of the Pastor.
5. Two Youth Encounter Camps were held. An additional youth sports day was held at the high school with participants from five local schools. Praise God 7 youth gave their lives to Christ.
6. The last classroom block at Valerye McMillan High School is being completed through donation from a private donor, Dayton, OH.
7. Third floor of Park Chapel House (Female dormitory) at Valerye McMillan High School was completed through donations from Park Chapel.
8. Second floor of the male dormitory at Valerye McMillan High School is in progress through donations from Indiana based church.
9. Graduation of 30 students from the middle school at Good News Academy with many eligible for high school admission in January, 2018. Elementary Graduation ceremony in January 2018.
10. Graduation of 35 students from Valerye McMillan High School. Graduation ceremony was in November 2017.
11. Donations were given for two permanent church buildings.  We are in the process of considering congregations in need of help.
12. Two adult literacy programs are going strong and teaching people how to read and write in Swahili and in English.
13. Pastor Training Scholarship given through Hope Foundation to a student at Crossroads Bible Institute (Vipingo).

My best memory from 2017 is two-fold:
1. To see my boys serving with Lisa and I in Kenya during the summer; and
2. Baptizing over 30 people after one service.

Three main goals for 2018 are:
* To see a minimum of 100 people come to know Christ in 2018.
* Expand Spiritual Mentorship strategies by using area pastors to come and speak to the teachers and staff of Hope Foundation schools and projects.
* Plan and hold two pastors’ training conferences for rural pastors.

Goals Lisa would like to see accomplished:
* Expand her ministry through Days for Girls (health instruction program).
* To add 70 new students to our programs by finding new sponsors.
* Developing a mentorship program designed for girls in high school.

Thank you for your prayers and support. Without you and God working with us, we could accomplish nothing. God is so good.

Have a wonderful Christmas Season!
Bobby, Lisa, Ethan, Conner and Dylan Bechtel

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